The Devil and the Mayor is a Twine game in which you play as a devil summoned Up Top to make deals with a ghastly selection of humans. It has debuted as part of Spring Thing 2019 and people seem to like it so far – “The writing is witty and on point. Overall, this is excellent”, “both really amusing and grim, which is why I enjoyed it so much.”

Ostrich is a Twine game that starts with advertising regulation and ends with revolution, complicity, or something in between. A well-received entry to IFComp 2018, where people said things like “Really good tone and atmosphere”, “effective and engaging… going to stay with you for a while” and likened it to Papers Please, which was nice.

Understudied is a Twine game casting you as an unprepared understudy about to play the lead in a rock musical version of Macbeth. It’s been used as an example of creating something compact but structurally satisfying. Which is satisfying.

My short story The Space Between is included in the Mosaic anthology by Bridge House, available here.

Mosaic by Bridge House, 2010

Mosaic by Bridge House, 2010

E Is For Evolution, my brief essay on the impact of Grant Morrison’s tenure on New X-Men is included in The Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection version of New X-Men: E is For Extinction. You can sign up for the collection here, or find the individual volume elsewhere I’m sure.

New X-men: E is For Extinction, Hachette 2012

New X-men: E is For Extinction, Hachette 2012

You can listen to my once-dulcet tones over on The Conversation Tree Podcast

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