I’m a writer of both stuff and things. I’ve made some games I’m pretty proud of here. And an award-nominated short film, but I can’t share that yet as it’s on the ol’ festival circuit. There are short stories, novels, sketches and plays too, some of which have made it out into the world, some of which are lurking just behind the veil.

I trained and worked as an actor, a professional scarer and most bizarrely of all I even helped organise postal voting in an election. Still gives me chills. I spent eight years watching adverts, and then writing about watching adverts, for a living. These days I write stuff (but not things) for a trade union, where I’ve also had to help organise an election again. Didn’t see that coming, if I’m honest.

My pets are no longer imaginary. Probably.

Find me on Twitter – @BornToPootle or drop me an email – jonathan_laury (at) yahoo.co.uk



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