Limerick Reviews – Films of the Year

I go to the cinema a fair old bit – more than 50 films last year, a slight dip to forty-something this year (that list is missing Worlds of Ursula K LeGuin which doesn’t seem to be on IMDb) – and over on my Twitter account I review every single one. But (plot twist!) my reviews take the form of limericks (yeah, I actually spoiled that twist in the article title, huh?).

So this year I thought I’d count down my top five of the year by reposting the limericks here… So in reverse order, here we go:

5. Mirai

This is a joy and delightfully observed,
And the praise in reviews is deserved:
A young boy feels edged out
And like he’s lost his clout
When his cute baby sister is birthed.


4. BlackKklansman

The takedown of supremacist crap
Made me laugh and even thigh-slap
When it pulled it’s last trick
And made me feel sick
I didn’t know whether to cry or to clap.Blackkklansman

3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Those awards for Frances MacDormand,
Sam Rockwell and crew are well earned.
It was funny, depressing,
Moving, distressing;
If it were playing again I’d have returned.

Three Billboards

2. Beast

If you want moody and dark it’s a feast
Helped by impeccable casting of leads.
Loads of peeps stayed
After the credits had played
To bask in the atmosphere of Beast.


1. Leave No Trace

This tale of a Dad and his daughter
Hit me right in the feels like it oughta.
He’s damaged and hiding,
Her curiosity’s climbing,
But living wild is all that he’s taught ‘er.

leave no trace

Honourable mentions

It’s been pretty tough to call this year – the top three are all on a fairly similar (brilliant) level, and there are a raft of films which could have taken the 4th and 5th spot. So along with Mirai and BlacKkKlansman there could easily have been Shoplifters, Roma, Coco, Black Panther, Into the Spider-Verse, Ghost Stories, Thoroughbreds, The Breadwinner, Hereditary, Incredibles 2 or Bad Times at the El Royale.

And the worst? Well. I’m sure there were far worse films released this year that I didn’t go anywhere near but…

Solo: A Star Wars Story

This features the second clunkiest explanation,
After midichlorians, in the Star Wars creation.
And when it’s finished
Han’s story’s diminished.
This was much better left to one’s imagination.

So there we go. It’s nice to see Leave No Trace doing well in critics’ roundups, and Solo is already fading away in my memory. What will 2019 bring? Loads of good films, I reckon.